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Are you tired of seeing the same boring luggage everywhere you go? We are too, but we’ve found a solution to your ‘oh so bland’ carry-on luggage! Carry On Watson offers customisable luggage and carry-on bags that make a difference. Expect all eyes to be on you as you sashay your way through the airport wheeling one of these babies!

Catherine from Carry On Watson believe that bags are like travel experiences – they can tell different stories too – and they love the opportunity to shine a light on communities or social issues that deserve more attention. Besides raising funds for organisations like Freedom Hub and Fight on the Beaches, Carry On Watson also has an ongoing partnership with Foster Care Angels where every full-priced bag sold means a bag is given to a vulnerable child in need!

With their passion for “sharing the love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life,” why wouldn’t we be flipping out about them?

Check out their range at Carry On Watson or on Facebook.