Could Travel Help You Find Happiness & Purpose?


Are you tired of trying to elevate to that ideal person society wants to mold you into?  The relentless road to perfection that slowly but surely sucks your soul and any pleasure, self-worth, confidence and individuality?

We’re living in a culture of fear of not fitting in, of upsetting someone by saying the wrong thing or fear of being the real you and no one liking you.



Our cultural conditioning promotes this crazy cycle of being friends with people you don’t really like, agreeing when you don’t and buying things you don’t want or need to impress people you don’t even like.


A valueless and self-absorbed existence of chasing superficial highs to avoid dealing with failures or real issues (a job you hate, the spouse you no longer love or kids who are out of control).


When did the standard of success flip to being about things, money and stuff? When portraying yourself in a way that pleases the person you’re with, salesmanship and appearances become the higher currency? Ever notice we are more connected than any human before us but are lonelier and more disconnected than ever?  When did you decide having a thousand friends on Facebook is more valuable than having a few close friends?



I’m calling bullshit and giving the big f*ck you’ to fake shit, conformity and empty highs.  Isn’t it about time we flipped the lid on this and reverted back to defining success based on the amount of joy you feel?


Travelling to ‘developing’ countries I’ve had some profound moments and experiences and know firsthand how travel kicks your butt into reality, gives you a massive dose of perspective, will challenge your values and set you back on track to finding your purpose.


Not sure if it’s being out of our routine or the curious locals who question our lifestyle or values?  I love the conversations had with new friends where there is no ulterior motive, no desperate need to be liked or strings attached.  There’s no sales job here just honest and pure learning by both parties.



It was 5 years ago, my only daughter left home and I suddenly had time to do as I wanted but had no idea what it was that made me truly happy. I’d put my interests and needs on hold and I had forgotten who I was when I wasn’t a mum. My ‘purpose’ for the last 20 years was done and dusted and it was time to find me again.


This is where travel and adventure dropped in and allowed me the space to explore the real me, the one underneath the bullshit exterior I’d portrayed, the person I was before the world got its hands on me.


When I surrendered to travel it was absolutely liberating – I found a complete self-development tool ready to extricate me from my personal and cultural values and showed me that the over indulgent, self-absorbed world we live in isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.



There are so many experiences to be had when travelling, you never know when one will change your life.  Recently in Uganda, we went for a walk through the village when we stumbled across Little Angels School & Orphanage.


We met Happy who runs the school for 300+ students in dire straits with no regular financial help.  We spent hours with her, learned her story and challenges and met the students.  We were in awe of the work Happy and her staff undertake on a daily basis and have made it our purpose to help the children be the best version of themselves by conducting a fundraiser. Here’s a snapshot of their daily lives and my latest mission…



Once you see your global neighbours struggling for clean water, basic shelter and food you’re forced tore-examinee your values, beliefs and perspective on the way you live your life. You’ll be challenged to keep your mind open, to learn, and be compassionate and appreciative of the underutilised opportunities we all have at our fingertips.


I believe the root of all happiness is choosing values and a purpose that extends beyond serving yourself.  We all want to feel a part of something greater and more meaningful, setting an example, being an inspiration to others, leaving a legacy, contributing and caring about something more unknowable than ourselves brings belonging, purpose, fulfilment and happiness.


Travel will open your mind to new beginnings, reignite your vigour to stand up and be counted and redefine your purpose. It opens your heart and mind to endless possibilities and allows you to be unashamedly you.



Be like the hummingbird in this story, find your passion, do all you can to reach your potential, live your life and find your happy place – whatever that is for you.


Trailblazers Travel offers sustainable and culturally immersive holidays with opportunity for personal reflection and growth. Your holiday supports local and family-run businesses, we visit and create income for marginalised communities.  Every holiday leaves a legacy, whether in the destination visited or for entrepreneurs in developing countries.


Check out what’s on offer HERE, pack your bags and let’s go – we’re waiting for you!

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