A Uniquely Unforgettable Experience

Are you ready for a holiday that gives you a real and authentic experience? An opportunity to meet the locals, have meaningful conversations and the chance share a home cooked meal? (but still enjoy a comfy bed and shower at the end of the day!)

Would you prefer to support locals and their communities than line the pockets of big business?

Trailblazers Travel is a social enterprise offering all this and more!

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Have incredibly memorable experiences where you not only visit the must-see tourist hotspots, but you’ll also be taken off the beaten path. This is where the magic happens! Where you get to know and feel the warmth of the local people, eat super tasty local food, and meet and support the local artisans, allowing them to continue their traditional crafts within rural communities so their unique skills are passed on to future generations. And by simply choosing us as your travel partner, you feed an African child for an entire year!

Jump on a small group tour or travel independently at a time that suits you.

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