Everybody Sun & Swimwear (EBSS) is a sun protective clothing and swimwear brand that is specifically created for women over 35. The company ethos behind their products is simple: respect the environment, and empower women and children… read more

Offering artisan teas that are hand blended in Melbourne, Chai Mamma is a brand with a conscience, leaving a small footprint and a big impact wherever they go. Inspired as much by their love of chai as they are by ordinary people doing great things, they love supporting social causes and like-minded individuals and businesses… read more

Kili Tingatinga Art was inspired by the stories and determination of the artists in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, who create these amazing artworks. Giving back is very much at the heart of the business, as they seek to not only bring Tingatinga art to the world, but also help and support the artists – and their communities. In addition, they work with and contribute to various charities… read more

Red Orange Events is an all-women team that aims to create events that benefit society and keep the community together. They believe in keeping alive the heritage and culture of their community, country and region, and also work hard to promote and support women-owned businesses in the UAE… read more