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One of the most beautiful realisations you can experience in life is the understanding that you are part of something bigger than yourself. Trailblazers Travel was actually founded upon that very discovery – the idea that all inhabitants of this planet are linked, and we must seek to empower one another through compassion and care.

Here at Trailblazers, every single booking we receive is part of a wider picture. Unlike many conventional travel agencies or tour operators, our vision is to empower the underprivileged, change lives and create hope. When you book a place on a once-in-a-lifetime group tour with us, you’re making yourself part of something bigger; something that is truly life-changing for some of the world’s most underprivileged people.

Through partnerships with WaterAid Australia, Kiva and other great causes, Trailblazers Travel is playing a vital role in something bigger. Here’s a little more about our partnerships and the social impact they have.

WaterAid Australia – Clean Water to Every Human by 2030

Incredibly, in an age of ultra-fast wireless internet, artificial intelligence and driverless cars, there are still more than 650 million people living with no access to clean, safe water. Despite the massive leaps we’ve taken in recent years, millions of children are still threatened with illnesses like cholera, dysentery and typhoid because of poor sanitation. Devastatingly, 900 children under the age of five die every day from diseases caused by the combination of poor sanitation and dirty water.

We believe that eliminating world poverty must begin with connecting all people to a clean water source. When this basic, essential resource is freely available, there are a multitude of knock-on effects that improve quality of life for everyone. The health of the entire community improves. Time that was usually spent carrying water supplies can be spent harvesting food, teaching children or starting a small business. Families go from surviving to thriving.

With this in mind, we chose WaterAid Australia as our main partner. By choosing to travel with Trailblazers, you make an important contribution to the ongoing work, which plans to deliver clean water to every human on the planet by 2030.

Kiva – Funding the Future

Kiva is a fabulous platform which helps connect underprivileged individuals with loans and funding with vital projects, whether it’s starting their own business or providing for their family. Since 2008, we have provided 43 loans to individuals from every corner of the earth: from retail ventures in Guatemala to farming projects in Kenya. Funds from the travel itineraries we provide are loaned to support entrepreneurs who are in poverty, helping them work their way back to a secure position and supporting their families and communities.

Check out our Kiva profile to find out more about the projects we’re funding.

Dorcas requested a loan in order to buy many second hand shoes to sell. With the profit from the loan, she expanded her business and paid medical insurance for her children.

Buy Back Borneo – The fight to save the Orangutans + Pygmy Elephants

We’ve teamed up with the wonderful people over at B.E.S.T. (Borneo Ecotours Solutions and Technologies) in order to try and fight back against palm oil plantations.

With YOUR help, we want to raise $94,000 to ‘Buy Back Borneo’, purchasing a seven-acre parcel of land, which would be protected from these vile pillagers at all costs. Palm oil companies would not be able to enter this space under any means, and we’d be able to create a safe and secure environment for orangutans to live, breed and thrive and a place for the pygmy elephants to be welcome and transit between virgin forest parcels. We want to keep this vital piece of land in the hands of the custodians who nurture and sustain the land, rather than those who would plunder its natural resources and leave a barren land behind.

CLICK THE PHOTO to watch a short clip on the devastation of the palm oil plantations. WARNING: Some images may upset viewers.
CLICK THE PHOTO to watch a short clip on the devastation of the palm oil plantations. WARNING: Some images may upset viewers.

The second stage of the plan involves a brand new research centre, managed by scientific volunteers from all over the world. This centre would enhance monitoring of elephants, orangutans and other endangered species in the region, offering support to conservation efforts and helping to protect the land from government buildings and include monitoring the effects of eco tourism on the environment, the people and the animals.

We need YOUR help – please donate here, every dollar counts!

Remember: every booking we receive helps to provide clean drinking water for two people. Ready to be a part of something bigger? Check out the fabulous destinations and group tours available to book through Trailblazers Travel. Time to make a difference.

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