What to Pack for Safari in Africa

Blissed out waking up to this view at Africa Amini Maasai Lodge, Tanzania



The prospect of packing for a safari holiday can leave you super excited if you’re one of “those” people or totally overwhelmed and packing like our mate here on departure day – AKA a ‘trash pack’.  Whichever one you are, read on….we’ve got you covered!


Trash packing at its finest!


What to bring will vary according to the type of African safari you have chosen, the countries you will be visiting, and also the time of year in which you are travelling.  Generally speaking though, you should try to pack as light as possible for ease of getting around and depending on where you are on safari, some airlines have strict rules for luggage weights.




Keep to neutrals and dress for comfort



Katekani Tented Lodge, Serengeti


* PLEASE NOTE: We strongly advise you, however, to disable the geotagging function before posting any animal sightings as this could help poachers find their next kill.


Walking safari, South Africa



NB:  Please do not keep all your cards and cash in one wallet. Keep a backup card and some cash separate.  It is your responsibility to ensure you keep your valuables safe at all times.


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