Why we must start to consider responsible travel


You might be well versed in the benefits of travelling – expanding your horizons, seeing the beauty that the world has to offer, learning about other cultures, etc. – but have you heard of the phrase “responsible travel”? What does it mean and how can you be a part of it? Well, read on to find out!


What is responsible travel?

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Responsible travelling is a term that has come to represent a more socially aware, responsible and ethical way of travelling. You have probably seen it before – tourists who are rude and disrespectful in the places they are visiting. They often have a complete lack of respect for the local beliefs and ways of life, and often dress offensively without any appreciation of the cultural differences. These people often leave the places that they visit in a much worse condition from that when they arrived. Responsible travel is obviously about not doing those things – and so much more.

Here at Trailblazers Travel, we believe that responsible travel is not just about treating the places and the environments that we go to well, but the local people too. We believe that responsible travel is about employing locals wherever possible as our guides, thus creating job opportunities and ensuring that the tourist dollar stays local. We love befriending the local people and learning about their life and culture from their perspective, and not exploiting their culture and way of life for our personal gain.

Responsible travel is about showing respect to the people and engaging them in a dignified way. We adamantly believe that everyone who is genuinely interested in the benefits of travelling and respecting other cultures should consider responsible travel.


What can you do to travel responsibly?

While the number of tourists who actually go out of their way to be irresponsible aren’t that many (thank goodness), the fact remains that many travellers aren’t aware of how the choices that they are making could be made more responsibly. Here are a few key tips in thinking more responsibly when travelling:


Why should you travel responsibly?

Responsible travel is all about leaving a positive impact, both on the environment and also the people of where you are visiting. The benefits of responsible travel extend both ways: not only will the places and the people that you are visiting welcome you with open arms and benefit from your engagement, but as a visitor, you too will benefit by having a more authentic, exciting and culturally immersive experience. It’s a win-win!

Trailblazers Travel provides ethical tours that enable enriching experiences while travelling responsibly. For more on the amazing tours that we offer, check out our tours page.      

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